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Case studies

Urban Wireless

Automation & RPA

Daily Document Download Bot

In response to the need for a more efficient and timely document retrieval process, our team designed and implemented a specialized bot to download documents from Cloint websites. The task, previously tedious and performed daily by the business team, was successfully automated to ensure timely and accurate retrieval of essential documents from the Cloint websites.

The PyBOTs team swiftly grasped the use case and automated a task within a month, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our back-office team. I am delighted with the bot's ability to complete the task promptly, and now we can confidently state that our work is no longer dependent on human workforce.

Raja Singh, CEO at Urban Wireless

Fortune 500


Optimizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In a landscape where RPA expenses were skyrocketing, PyBOTs collaborated with a Fortune 500 company already entrenched in automation, working alongside a top consultant. The realization that automation costs were a significant concern presented an opportunity for PyBOTs to thoroughly analyze the automation process and deliver a more efficient solution.

Our collaboration with PyBOTs has been transformative. Their specialized team not only optimized our automation processes but also delivered cost savings beyond our expectations. We highly recommend PyBOTs for their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Director - IS

Procure Box

Automation & RPA

Phone Number Update on IOCL for ProcureBox

In response to the need for a streamlined and efficient process in managing vehicle Number updates, our team has developed an advanced bot tailored for a seamless workflow within the request handling system. This automated solution focuses on improving the accuracy and speed of processing, ensuring that pending transactions are efficiently managed from initiation to completion.

The PyBOTs team seamlessly addressed one of our most tedious 24/7 operational activities – the phone number update process. Upon expressing our interest in automation, they efficiently took on the challenge and successfully automated the task. Now, thanks to their solution, the process operates seamlessly around the clock without requiring any human intervention. We're pleased with the results and the increased efficiency in our operations.

Raman Singh Kandhari, CEO at ProcureBox


Automation & RPA

Corporate Training with Automation Anywhere RPA Tool

In response to the evolving landscape of digital transformation, our team conducted comprehensive corporate training sessions on Automation Anywhere, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. The initiative aimed to empower employees with in-depth knowledge of the tool's features and practical insights through simple use cases.

We conducted a 3-day training program for Tata Steel employees, covering the fundamentals of Automation Anywhere and its applications. The sessions were conducted by our RPA experts, who have extensive experience in the field. The program was well-received by the participants, who appreciated the coordinators’ support, detailed topic coverage, and enlightening content.

Grateful to the PyBOTs team for their instrumental role in our RPA L&D intervention. The inaugural batch received exceptional feedback with an NPS above 80, showcasing the program's excellence. Learners commended the coordinators' support, detailed topic coverage, and enlightening content. Despite minor operational challenges, the overall experience was superb. Looking forward to future collaborations with PyBOTs.

Chandan Agrawal, Head Training IT and Digital Capability at Tata Steel

Mobile City

Automation & RPA

Daily Sales Reporting from POS ( RQ)

In response to the dynamic needs of Retail Wireless Dealers, our team developed a sophisticated bot tailored for generating Daily Sales Reports from RQ (Retail Quotient). This innovative solution empowered retailers with hourly sales counts, covering the extensive time range from EST through PST hours. The automation not only provided unprecedented efficiency but also addressed the challenges that would have been impractical for human resources to handle. This case study explores how the automated Daily Sales Report bot became an indispensable tool for Sales Representatives, store managers, district managers, and regional managers, contributing to strategic planning and sales forecasting.

We worked with Mobile City to develop a bot capable of generating Daily Sales Reports from RQ for Retail Wireless Dealers. The bot's ability to cover the entire spectrum of EST through PST hours ensured a comprehensive and accurate representation of hourly sales counts. This eliminated the need for human intervention in managing the vast data volume during this extended timeframe.

The PyBOTs team is exceptional in automating mundane tasks. Their assistance proved invaluable in delivering daily sales reports and Cash Recon reports promptly, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency.

Veronica Andujar, Sales VP at MobileCity


Risk Management

Daily Sales Audit Process (Risk Management)

In response to the growing need for efficient risk management, our team developed a cutting-edge bot designed specifically for Sprint's Audit Process. This automated solution aimed to enhance the accuracy and speed of transaction processing, leveraging data from both the RMS and CST portals. The primary objective was to update the input file, perform reconciliations with Sprint-provided data, and deliver insightful reports to aid in risk assessment.

We developed automation systems and processes to reduce the time and effort required to perform daily audits. The bot was designed to update the input file with the latest data from the RMS and CST portals, perform reconciliations with Sprint-provided data, and deliver insightful reports to aid in risk assessment.

PyBOTs played a pivotal role in transforming our daily sales audit process. Leveraging their bots, we seamlessly obtained audit details from Carrier systems, enabling real-time mitigation of sales risks. This not only helped prevent fraud but also instilled accountability among store managers through PyBOTs' robust audit system. A game-changer in risk management and accountability.

Sahiba Malik, Manager - Commission at iMobile

PyBOTs delivers exceptional development services and comprehensive process assessments. With 100% accuracy, our bots excel in developing use cases in the Retail Industry, surpassing human capabilities. Operating 24/7, we ensure customer satisfaction and happiness.

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