Case Study - Daily Sales Audit Process (Risk Management)

In response to the growing need for efficient risk management, our team developed a cutting-edge bot designed specifically for Sprint's Audit Process. This automated solution aimed to enhance the accuracy and speed of transaction processing, leveraging data from both the RMS and CST portals. The primary objective was to update the input file, perform reconciliations with Sprint-provided data, and deliver insightful reports to aid in risk assessment.

Risk Management



  1. Automate the Sprint Audit Process to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  2. Extract relevant values from RMS and CST portals for 1500 transactions daily.
  3. Reconcile data with Sprint's provided information to identify transaction states.
  4. Generate a comprehensive report categorizing transactions as "good," "potential risk," or "fraudulent activities."
  5. Execute the entire process seamlessly using 40 bots on a daily basis.

Implementation: Our team successfully implemented an automated bot solution that efficiently processed 1500 transactions daily. The bot seamlessly extracted required values from both RMS and CST portals, updated the input file, and initiated a thorough reconciliation process with Sprint's provided data. This automated workflow ensured a rapid and accurate assessment of transaction states.


  1. Increased Efficiency: Automation reduced manual effort, enabling the processing of 1500 transactions daily without compromising accuracy.
  2. Real-time Reporting: Stakeholders received daily reports highlighting the number of transactions falling under "good state," "potential risk," and "fraudulent activities."
  3. Proactive Risk Management: The automated process allowed the business team to identify potential risks promptly, empowering them to take immediate corrective actions.
  4. Timely Decision-Making: The prioritized reports provided stakeholders with timely information, enabling them to hold responsible parties accountable for transaction discrepancies.


The successful implementation of the automated bot for Sprint's Audit Process significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of risk management. The daily reports provided valuable insights, enabling the business team to proactively address potential risks and ensure the integrity of Sprint's transactions. This case study exemplifies the positive impact of leveraging automation in risk management processes, demonstrating the value of technological solutions in streamlining complex business operations.

What we did

  • Automation
  • RPA
  • AI
  • Workfusion
  • Python

PyBOTs played a pivotal role in transforming our daily sales audit process. Leveraging their bots, we seamlessly obtained audit details from Carrier systems, enabling real-time mitigation of sales risks. This not only helped prevent fraud but also instilled accountability among store managers through PyBOTs' robust audit system. A game-changer in risk management and accountability.

Sahiba Malik, Manager - Commission at iMobile
Total Transactions
5.4 L
Completion Time
3.6k hrs
Time Saved
5.4k hrs

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