Case Study - Daily Document Download Bot

In response to the need for a more efficient and timely document retrieval process, our team designed and implemented a specialized bot to download documents from Cloint websites. The task, previously tedious and performed daily by the business team, was successfully automated to ensure timely and accurate retrieval of essential documents from the Cloint websites.

Urban Wireless
Automation & RPA


  1. Automated Document Retrieval: Develop a bot capable of automatically accessing Cloint websites and downloading required documents.
  2. Daily Processing: Implement a solution to handle the task on a daily basis, reducing the burden on the business team.
  3. Timely Execution: Ensure the bot executes the document retrieval process in a timely manner to meet daily requirements.
  4. Efficiency: Streamline the document retrieval process to save time and resources for the business team.


Our team successfully designed and implemented a bot tailored for downloading documents from Cloint websites. The bot follows a structured workflow, accessing the websites, navigating to the required sections, and downloading specified documents. Scheduling was configured to ensure daily execution without manual intervention.


  1. Timely Document Retrieval: The automated bot ensures documents are retrieved daily in a timely manner, meeting the business team's daily requirements.
  2. Resource Savings: The business team is relieved from the daily task, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities while the bot handles the repetitive document retrieval process.
  3. Reduced Human Error: Automation minimizes the risk of human error associated with manual document retrieval, ensuring accuracy in the process.
  4. Consistent Performance: The bot consistently performs the task, providing a reliable and predictable solution for document retrieval.


  1. Time and Resource Savings: Automation frees up valuable time and resources for the business team, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.
  2. Consistency: The bot ensures consistent and reliable document retrieval, reducing variability in the process.
  3. Error Reduction: Automation minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual document retrieval, enhancing overall accuracy.


The successful implementation of the bot for downloading documents from Cloint websites has significantly improved the efficiency of the document retrieval process. By automating this previously tedious and daily task, the business team can now allocate their time and resources more effectively. This case study underscores the positive impact of leveraging automation to streamline repetitive tasks, resulting in impr oved operational efficiency and resource utilization.

  • Automation
  • RPA
  • UiPath
  • Document Retrieval
  • Cloint

The PyBOTs team swiftly grasped the use case and automated a task within a month, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our back-office team. I am delighted with the bot's ability to complete the task promptly, and now we can confidently state that our work is no longer dependent on human workforce.

Raja Singh, CEO at Urban Wireless
Total Downloads
Completion Time
60 hrs
Time saved
1380 hrs

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