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India's own RPA Platform Python Powered

Let us work together to create India's own RPA (automation) platform. Automation is more than a necessity in today's world; it is our fundamental right.


With My-AutoPylot, Automation is Easier than Ever.


Discover the repetitive, monotonous, and unproductive tasks that are slowing you down.


Build a software bot with our custom builder (DOST) based on Blockly.


Test whether your software bot is working as expected right from the browser.


Tweak your software bot to your liking. We have a lot of customizations available.


Deploy your software bot to the cloud or locally.

Sit back and relax

Measure the performance of your software bot and see how it performs.

New to Automation ?

Resources to help you get started.

We have friendly support staff ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Whatsapp Groups

Easily connect with our team on Whatsapp. Join our group and ask questions, get help, or just chat.


Read the documentation for My AutoPylot. We have a lot of documentation available.


We support open source projects. Feel free to fork our code and contribute.


We organize monthly hackathons and weekly meetups. Join us and learn how to build software bots.