Case Study - Daily Sales Reporting from POS ( RQ)

In response to the dynamic needs of Retail Wireless Dealers, our team developed a sophisticated bot tailored for generating Daily Sales Reports from RQ (Retail Quotient). This innovative solution empowered retailers with hourly sales counts, covering the extensive time range from EST through PST hours. The automation not only provided unprecedented efficiency but also addressed the challenges that would have been impractical for human resources to handle. This case study explores how the automated Daily Sales Report bot became an indispensable tool for Sales Representatives, store managers, district managers, and regional managers, contributing to strategic planning and sales forecasting.

Mobile City
Automation & RPA



  1. Develop a bot capable of generating Daily Sales Reports from RQ for Retail Wireless Dealers.
  2. Enable hourly sales counts, covering the time span from EST through PST hours.
  3. Alleviate the limitations of human workforce in handling the extensive time range and data volume.
  4. Provide store managers, district managers, and regional managers with actionable insights for strategic planning and sales forecasting.

Implementation: The development team successfully implemented a bot that seamlessly extracted and processed data from RQ to generate Daily Sales Reports. The bot's capability to cover the entire spectrum of EST through PST hours ensured a comprehensive and accurate representation of hourly sales counts. This eliminated the need for human intervention in managing the vast data volume during this extended timeframe.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The automated bot significantly reduced the time and effort required for generating Daily Sales Reports, allowing for more efficient utilization of resources.
  2. Comprehensive Insights: Sales Representatives, Store managers, district managers, and regional managers gained access to hourly sales counts, empowering them with detailed insights into daily sales patterns.
  3. Strategic Planning: The availability of real-time data allowed managers to strategize their day effectively, optimizing staffing levels and resources based on hourly sales trends.
  4. Improved Forecasting: Daily Sales Reports became instrumental in forecasting sales targets, enabling proactive decision-making and adaptation to market dynamics.


The implementation of the automated Daily Sales Report bot revolutionized Retail Wireless Dealers' operations, providing unparalleled efficiency and valuable insights. The ability to cover EST through PST hours addressed a critical gap that human resources couldn't practically manage. The Daily Sales Reports became a cornerstone for store managers, district managers, and regional managers in their strategic planning and sales forecasting efforts. This case study underscores the transformative impact of automation in optimizing retail operations and facilitating data-driven decision-making for sustained success.

What we did

  • Automation
  • RPA
  • AI
  • Workfusion
  • Python
  • Selenium

The PyBOTs team is exceptional in automating mundane tasks. Their assistance proved invaluable in delivering daily sales reports and Cash Recon reports promptly, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency.

Veronica Andujar, Sales VP at MobileCity
Total Reports Sent
1.95 L
Completion Time
1080 hrs
Time Saved
2160 hrs

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