Case Study - Corporate Training with Automation Anywhere RPA Tool

In response to the evolving landscape of digital transformation, our team conducted comprehensive corporate training sessions on Automation Anywhere, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. The initiative aimed to empower employees with in-depth knowledge of the tool's features and practical insights through simple use cases.

Automation & RPA

Training Objectives:

Our primary goal was to equip participants with the skills needed to harness the full potential of Automation Anywhere. The training covered the tool's core features, including its intuitive interface, automation building blocks, and capabilities for streamlining repetitive tasks.

Curriculum Highlights:

The training program incorporated hands-on sessions where participants engaged in creating and implementing automation workflows. Key features such as task automation, data extraction, and bot deployment were explored through interactive demonstrations. Simple use cases were strategically chosen to demonstrate the tool's versatility and applicability to various business processes. Practical Application: Participants were guided through real-world scenarios, showcasing how Automation Anywhere could be seamlessly integrated into their daily workflows. From automating data entry tasks to handling complex processes, the training illustrated the tool's adaptability across diverse business functions.


As a result of the corporate training, participants gained a profound understanding of Automation Anywhere, fostering a culture of automation within the organization. The newfound knowledge empowered employees to identify automation opportunities, leading to increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced productivity.


Our corporate training on Automation Anywhere proved to be a transformative experience for participants, laying the foundation for a more efficient and technologically adept workforce. The successful integration of the RPA tool into daily operations highlighted the tangible benefits of embracing automation, showcasing its potential to revolutionize business processes and drive sustained success.

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Grateful to the PyBOTs team for their instrumental role in our RPA L&D intervention. The inaugural batch received exceptional feedback with an NPS above 80, showcasing the program's excellence. Learners commended the coordinators' support, detailed topic coverage, and enlightening content. Despite minor operational challenges, the overall experience was superb. Looking forward to future collaborations with PyBOTs.

Chandan Agrawal, Head Training IT and Digital Capability at Tata Steel
Total Participants
Course Duration
90 Days
Course Completion Rate

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